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Bidirectional charging

The IONIQ 5 has the ability to not only draw power, but can also deliver power!

Power for electric devices

Socket in the interior

The bidirectional charging “Vehicle to Load”-Technik (V2L) seems to be perfect for camping and off-road activities. There’s a V2L plug socket (230V / 110V) inside the vehicle (under the second-row seats) for smaller electric devices like notebooks, iPads or smartphones.

Socket adapter (outside)

A adaptor for the outside charging port can be used in the car’s regular charge port to power pretty much anything like e-bikes, e-scooters or camping equipment, as long as it doesn’t draw more than 3.6 kW of power.

How camping could look like with the IONIQ 5 😉

Power for other cars

Another very interesting feature the IONIQ 5 has up its sleeve is the ability to charge another electric vehicle. If the battery level is above 15%, you can plug another car into the IONIQ 5 to charge it.
As this method isn’t really fast, this is not for a full charge, but very helpful in case another electric car has run out of battery and needs a bit of power until the next charging station.

Ioniq 5 charging

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