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IONIQ 5 battery

Battery variants for the IONIQ 5

In addition to the drive type (RWD, AWD), the battery capacity can also be selected. The variants Standard Range (58 kWh) and Long Range (72.6 kWh, 77.4 kWh in US-version) are available. With the larger battery, a range of around 480 km / 300 miles should be possible.

SpecificationsIONIQ 5
RWD – 58 kWh
Standard Range
AWD – 58 kWh
Standard Range
72.6 kWh
Long Range
72.6 kWh
Long Range
Power125 kW
(170 hp)
173 kW
(235 hp)
160 kW
(217 hp)
225 kw
(306 hp)

Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)

Hyundai has developed a new platform for battery electric vehicles with rear-wheel drive and 800-volt technology. The Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) forms the basis for the Group’s next e-vehicle generation.
The E-GMP will be used for the first time in the new Hyundai Ioniq 5. Optimized for electric cars, the E-GMP offers many advantages, including more flexibility in development, better driving performance, greater range, optimized safety, and more space for occupants and luggage.

Batteries safely housed

The battery is specially protected in the new platform by a special body structure in the floor area made of high-strength steel. In the event of a collision, the impact energy could be efficiently absorbed by energy-absorbing areas of the body and chassis, effective load paths and a central part of the battery pack that is firmly connected to the body. Reinforcing the load area in front of the dashboard also minimizes collision energy impacting the electrical system and battery.

More information about the E-GMP platform

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