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IONIQ 5 Range

Since there are no empirical values for the four different models of the IONIQ 5 yet, all data are currently only estimates based on Hyundai’s information.

Hyundai Ionic 5, charging

Based on the WLTP testing procedure, the IONIC 5 should have an estimated driving range between 290 – 300 miles (470 – 480 km). As European cycle is typically higher than the U.S. EPA ratings the estimation for the US version is between 258 and 290 miles (415 – 470 km).

If you take into account real-life conditions like cold temperatures or aggressive driving, the range is of course much lower.
Due to the possibility of charging the IONIQ 5 very quickly (10% – 80% in 18 minutes), the range is actually no longer so important.

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