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IONIQ 5 electric motor


IONIQ 5 - E-GMP Plattform

As can be seen in the adjacent picture of the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), a maximum of two motors are installed.
In the 2WD variant of the IONIQ 5, the motor is at the rear (rear-wheel drive). This results in a maximum output of 160 kW (217 hp).
In the 4WD variant, there is an engine in both the front and the rear. Thanks to the second engine, the 4WD variant of the IONIQ 5 has correspondingly more power (max. 225 kW / 306 hp).

IONIQ 5 – motor power 2WD

BatteryMotor specsRear motor
58 kWhPower125 kW (170 hp)
Torque350 Nm
72.6 kWhPower160 kW (217 hp)
Torque350 Nm

IONIQ 5 – motor power 4WD

BatteryMotor specsFront motorRear motorTotal
58 kWhPower53 kW (72 hp)120 kW (163 hp)173 kW (235 hp)
Torque255 Nm350 Nm605 Nm
72.6 kWhPower70 kW (95 hp)155 kW (210 hp)225 kW (305 hp)
Torque255 Nm350 Nm605 Nm
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